CQ Offshore Marketing Limited was founded in 2010. The company is managed by a staff of professionals that are versed in various fields and each with years of experience in customer service and client relationship building.

Based in San Fernando, Trinidad we are an experienced chandler that has grown steadily over the years into one of the most sought after ship supply companies for vessels that are working in and passing through Trinidad’s ports.

Throughout this time we have mainly been operating out of the ports in La Brea, Chaguaramas and Pt. Lisas catering mainly but not exclusively to the vessels that work within the Oil & Gas Industry.

We provide a complete range of chandlery supplies and provisions covering all aspects of ship operations: food supplies, cleaning supplies, electric, electronics, plumbing, cabin, medical, stationery, Fire Fighting Apparatus (FFA), Life Saving Apparatus (LSA), degreasers, hardware items, kitchen equipment etc.

Our staff is committed to working around the clock to meet our clients’ demands. We are proud to serve our vessels ethically and competitively while ensuring quality of service is unmatched.


CQ’s Tag Line

Safety, Quality, Professionalism…”