Care Tips To Maintain Your Tongue Drum For A Long Time

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The tongue drum is a unique instrument that can produce beautiful, resonant tones. It is necessary to preserve its sound quality and aesthetic look for which proper care is essential. Like other instruments, if we do not take proper care of the Cosmos handpan tongue drum, wear and tear can occur which eventually affects the quality of its performance. By utilizing your time and effort in caring for your tongue drum, you can make it a reliable and useful part of your musical journey.

Benefits of Maintaining Your Tongue Drum

If you care for your tongue drum, it has numerous benefits. Regular care extends the lifespan of the instrument, so you can enjoy unique sound for years. Also, drums that are kept properly deliver consistent, high-quality sound and increase their aesthetic value, which is quite essential if you’ve invested a huge amount in high-quality or custom-made drums. On top of all, if you care about your Cosmos handpan drum properly, it will prevent minor issues from escalating into significant problems that will save you important time as well as money.

Cleaning The Tongue Drum

  • To preserve the appearance and sound quality, you need a soft microfiber or cotton cloth and gentle dish soap mixed with water to remove any grime or residue without harming the finishing of the drum.
  • First of all, dampen the soft cloth with a soap mixture. 
  • Wipe the entire surface of the tongue drum, particularly focusing on areas with visible dirt or fingerprints.
  • Now use a dry cloth to remove any excess moisture from the drum. This step is essential to prevent rust.

Storage of Tongue Drum

You need to store your hand drum in a room with optimum temperature. Extreme heat or cold will affect the material and tuning of the drum.

Also, maintain a moderate or ideal humidity level i.e. around 40-50% to prevent the drum from drying out or rusting.

Use Protective Covers

Always use sturdy and padded cases that are specifically designed for tongue drums. This will protect it from physical damage during transport or storage. If you’re not using the drum, cover it will soft cloth or custom cover.

Avoid Exposure

Keep your drum away from direct sunlight to prevent discoloration and degradation of material. Also don’t store the drum in attics, basements, or cars.

Keep your drum dry

Moisture is a major enemy of your metal materials and leads to rust or corrosion over time. Use anti-corrosion treatment which is specifically designed for metal instruments. It will provide an extra layer of protection against moisture and rust. In case, if you find any sign of rust on your hand drum, take swift action to prevent your drum from further damage.

Handling the Tongue Drum

Use both hands to handle your tongue drum, also cradle it gently to avoid dropping. Place the drum on a stable and nonslippery surface during playing.


By following the proper care routine, you can increase the life of your tongue drum with pristine conditions. Regular maintenance, careful handling, and appropriate storage will preserve the sound quality and appearance of your hand drum. You can visit cosmoshandpan inorder to explore more tips to care for your tongue drum and the wide range of high-quality handpans.

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